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Here at CoCapsules we care about sustainability and want to do our part in helping to reduce fast fashion. When we find brands that have the same values as us, we are SO excited to have the opportunity to share them with you! There’s nothing better than finding clothing that both you and the planet can love, so let’s talk about some of our favorite sustainable brands carried in the shop!


We have multiple different styles of ETICA denim, and you can trust when we say their quality is unmatched. These jeans feel damn good and are made to last!

Some highlights:

  •       They manufacture with fibers like Tencel and Refriba that are durable, biodegradable, and very low impact. These cut down on cotton usage which ultimately reduces water usage.
  •       When they do use cotton, 70% of it is sourced from organic sources.
  •        They use recycled and deadstock fabric, which prevents landfill waste.
  •       Their production system reduces water usage by 90%, energy consumption by 63% and chemical usage by 70%.

After reading that, how could you not want to support this awesome brand? They have made such incredible advancements in their production process, and we love being able to help bring attention to a brand that is so innovative!

model wearing black denim jumpsuit with black leather sandals

A personal favorite of ours is the Eco Black Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is so fun and cool all seasons staple! We like to call it the overall's edgy, older sister.

For more info on ETICA + their commitment to sustainability, click here.


We recently started carrying LAmade, a favorite already that is quite literally “LA made”. Based in Los Angeles, this brands mission is to create ethical women’s clothing that wasn’t created at the expense of employees. Having a factory in LA allows them to ensure that their employees are working in great conditions.

They really care about the work environment and environmental impact!

Some highlights:

  •       95% of LAmade fabrics are sourced from premium Los Angeles vendors, located within 10 miles of their factory!
  •       They use Lenzing Modal in 80% of their clothing. This fabric requires very little water usage, is biodegradable, and made from nature!

That fabric is also sooo soft. Don’t believe us? Come in and feel for yourself! We carry their staple tank tops and long sleeves, which make for extremely cute and comfortable basics!

different angles of models wearing black and rust ribbed tank tops

We recommend giving The Aida Tank a try. It's great for transitioning between seasons; pair with jeans and sneakers for a casual look or put beneath your favorite blazer for something more professional!

Learn more about LAmade on their website, here.


Last but not least, we have Tentree - this long time brand's mission is to better the planet. They work super hard to reduce their footprint through new innovative techniques and going beyond by giving back to the environment.

For every item they manufacture 10 trees are planted! A cool feature to this is that you can scan the tag that comes with your Tentree purchase and see where those 10 trees are planted! There are 6 forests they've been working on replanting. They are doing this to show that even the smallest choices and purchases can have a lasting impact. To date they have worked to plant over 77 million trees!

model wearing black bike shorts with grey crop top and white puffer coat

If you’re looking to keep up with the trends, we recommend you try out their Biker Shorts. They are so sturdy and would look super cute paired with an oversized crewneck and layered jewelry!

Do you have any Tentree pieces? Track your trees by clicking here.

The great thing about sustainable clothing is that you are getting extremely great quality, while also making a positive impact. If this is something you want to support, we would love to see you in store to show you some of these amazing products!

Can't make it in? Shop our Eco-Conscious Capsule for all ethically + sustainably made products from CoCapsules!

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