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We're Syd + Jenn, CoCapsules co-owners. We shouuuld also mention we're the stylists, customer service department, handle all buying, merchandising, modeling, photography... oh, and we run the shop. You get the idea. We do it all! (For now!)

Our most important job, however, is to help YOU look, feel and do your best in the clothes you wear. Hey - we've all got bodies and we all have to wear clothes. Why not wear clothes that make you feel like the best version of yourself?

If you don't love shopping (in store or online) you're actually in the right place. Our memberships + services are built specifically for you not to mention our product assortment that is carefully curated based on fit, fabrication, care and wearability.

Wellllll, you're here for a reason so let's get to it! Not sure where to begin?

ASK FOR HELP - shoot us a message!

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