Say hello to Nivaas Home + Design

Meet our friend Kam, owner of Nivaas Home + Design - an expertly curated home décor, plants + floral shop in Woodinville. We love her balanced mix of old with new. Expect to see one of her custom floral arrangements in our store on the regular!

About the Shop

Small business LOVE! We're so excited to be introducing you to a new local business. We met Kam, owner of Nivaas Home + Design, this summer during an event at Suncadia in Cle Elum (Side note, have you been?! It's gorgeous up there.) and connected right away. At the time, Nivaas was still an idea. Kam shared with us her desire to gather likeminded women, host homey events, and spread her love of curated home goods, house plants and custom floral arrangements. We were hooked!

Over the next few months we stayed in touch, invited her to our office and shared any insight on the business end of things as she moved forward making plans and following through on her dreams. It has been a pleasure to watch her bring the vision of Nivaas to life and we think you are going to absolutely love visiting her Woodinville shop as well as just being a part of her journey of spreading beautiful home décor throughout our community!

Location + Hours

Visit Kam and her shop, Nivaas Home + Design, in Woodinville wine country located at 14700 148th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072. Open Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm and Sunday, 12pm-5pm.

Q+A with Kam

Want to get to know Kam just a bit better? Keep reading to learn more about where she started and where she's going!

How long has Nivaas been on your heart and was there something specific that gave you the push to go for it?

The concept of Nivaas came to fruition based on a couple different interests during the last few years. I have always loved plants and during covid that interest evolved even further.  Interior design and creating a beautiful home environment has also been an interest of mine, and then taking a floral workshop in June 2021 really solidified this idea of combining all 3 interests/passions into a business.

What's been the most challenging part since bringing Nivaas to fruition?

The most challenging part has been the logistical parts of opening a new business, from all the various types of licensing, to state requirements, and all the paperwork involved in setting up a small business.  Also, finding  a POS system that works with the type of business model, inputting inventory, and making sure pricing is accurate has been quite the challenge and a lot of work.

What's been the most rewarding?

The most rewarding part has been the creative work of turning a vision into a reality.  Finding the right physical space was so important and it was truly meant to be when I signed the lease to the space I had wanted all along.  Taking a blank canvas and creating not only a beautiful layout, but a feeling of welcome and inspiration when people walked in was the goal. 

If you could manifest any dream for Nivaas, what would it be?

The dream would be for Nivaas to be an integral part of the Woodinville community, a place where people are drawn to for their day to day needs.  The place for a floral arrangement for a dinner party, or a beautiful plant arrangement for a house-warming, or a design inspiration for a family room remodel.  I would also hope that Nivaas Home + Design will create an enthusiasm for other small retail businesses to emerge in the Woodinville area to create more of a dynamic shopping experience.

If you like home décor, house plants and gorgeous florals (we know you do...) then support Kam and her new business by following her on social media, viewing her website, and if you're local - visiting her in store

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