Desi Hangover is an Indian-based specialty footwear brand featuring handwoven leather sandals. Founders Hitesh Kenjale, Lakshya Arora and Abha Agrawal were inspired to start this company in order to shed light on this industry and share the story of a community of artisans keeping the dying art of hand weaving and crafting leather shoes alive, irrespective of the incredible hardships they were facing every day. Since 2013, Desi Hangover has provided a platform for the talent and art of these artisans to be recognized and appreciated around the globe.

Standing by their mission to provide their customers with the very best in terms of comfort and design, they have and will continue to empower the community of artisans by administering fair wages, building schools while improving the educational system, and bringing them out of the hardship and oblivion they've been faced with for far too long.

Desi Hangover founders Hitesh Kenjale, Lakshya Arora and Abha Agrawal

Desi Hangover founders Hitesh Kenjale, Lakshya Arora and Abha Agrawal

We're excited to be a part of Desi Hangover's global expansion by introducing their footwear to the CoCapsules community. It's been an honor to work with Abha and her team for a little over a year now and we look forward to continuing to support their movement through this collaboration. Just last month, we picked the collection back up to showcase them at the Summer Days Market in Leavenworth. All of our shoppers had such a great response to the excellent quality, unique styles and inspiring story so we decided to continue offering them here on for the month of August.

Want to shop these incredible, hand crafted shoes and support the hardworking artisans Desi Hangover employs? Just tap any image below to be taken to the product. But don't wait, because they'll only be available in the CoShop through August 31!


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