What should I do with my old clothes?

I just did a closet clean out... now what?

If you have a stack of clothes that were well loved and feel apprehensive about how to get rid of them, in a way that is good for you and the planet, this resource is the right place to be. We designed this blog to make mindfully recycling clothing a little easier!

"I have all these pieces that aren't right for my dream wardrobe yet they are still in good shape!"


"I have all these pieces with stains/holes BUT I don't want them to just wind up in a landfill!"

First, sort your "get rid of" pile into these two different categories: able to be love by someone else or needs to be recycled. 

Next, see the below list of local and national places we recommend for each of these categories.


Anchor Chic Consignment

Edmonds WA

"Anchor Chic is a welcoming, quality resale boutique specializing in curated women’s clothing and accessories. Our collection extends across a wide variety of styles, sizes, and eras."

What should go here? Gently used pieces that come from a smoke free environment and have high resale likely hood. Items that are really great but just not right for you anymore including vintage and luxury styles. 

Why we love them: Local, women owned and operated, working with other organizations and community members who have the same mission we do... we could go on, but Liz and Sheila are also fun and do a really good job of curating a well rounded assortment.

Project Girl Mentoring Program

Lynnwood WA


"Project Girl Mentoring Program is committed to creating change and building the voices of young women of color. We envision a community in which every young woman is empowered to make informed decisions, establish healthy relationships and be self-sufficient."

What should go here? Select gently used or new clothing and accessories in a variety of sizes that are appropriate for girls middle to high school age. 

Why we love them: The leadership team at Project Girl is so passionate about what they do and provide so many accessible assets for young women in our community. The items donated here are offered to the attendees at no cost and help empower the girls to look good and feel their best. 


For Days


"Responsibly recycle your unwanted clothes using the Take Back Bag. You'll earn Closet Cash to use at For Days or turn it into TrashieCash and spend it on rewards at brands you love on Trashie.io."

What should go here? All those things you would need to otherwise throw away but don't want to contribute to a landfill. 

Why we love them: you are getting money back for recycling your clothes that you can then use on responsibly made products like organic cotton underwear and reusable "paper" towels!


Get a group of friends together and do a clothing swap!

List pieces on local Facebook groups or "buy nothing" groups.

King County Textile Recycling

Larger stores that have recycling programs

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