In the last few months as we've been working with more personal styling clients, it has come to our attention that women are struggling with not only defining their personal style, but being comfortable in what they're wearing underneath their everyday outfits. Yes ladies, we're talking undergarments. And as these conversations were happening, we were like.. Duh! We struggle with the same dang thing and have actually done lots of research and tried multiple different brands of bras and panties over the last year or so and have found a few favorites.

We haven't gone so far as to begin carrying this category in the CoShop because we feel these places are doing great in their specialty market, and while we can expertly style you in clothes that make you look and feel great, we're not experts in fitting you in the best undergarments. But these places are, so we're gonna share!


We love Lively's focus on creating products that are inspired by smart, healthy, active and outgoing women. Their bras and undies are made for women, by women so their attention to fit and detail is consistent with comfort and style. Lively owns their own factory meaning they have ultimate control over quality standards and get quick results when it comes to customer feedback. They also extend their company values to the Lively factory family. Lively strives to share a mindset that reminds, empowers and enables us all to live life doing what we love, with the people we love.

Lively is more than just bras and panties, they are well-known for their bralettes and now have swim and lounge wear as well. We recommend Lively to women who love the comfort of bralettes and look for unique and youthful styling in their undergarments. We like that their pricing is standard and affordable and you get your money's worth! Their sizing is a little bit limited, so keep scrolling to our other suggestions if you fall beneath or above the following range.


Bras 32A - 38DD; Bralettes XS - L; Undies S - XL


All of their bras are $35 and all of their undies are $10.

Their site also features generous size guides for all their product categories, super helpful care instructions for their garments, free returns, and a fun rewards program!

Interested in checking them out? Click here to shop Lively and save $10 on your first order.


She did the damn thing, and we're not mad about it. Co-founder Heidi Zak was fed up with lousy bras and bad fits, so in 2012 she partnered with experienced bra designer, Ra'el Cohen who was passionate about creating innovative designs based on breast size and shape, and she built her own damn bra. In 2013, they launched ThirdLove's first bra and have come out with many new styles and double the amount of sizes most other brands carry. They even invented half sizes. Brilliant!

ThirdLove strives to design the most comfortable, no drama bras and they use millions of real women's measurements - not size templates - in the process. What we loved in particular about how they help you shop for bras on their website was how they help you determine the shape of your breast and then recommend styles right for your size and shape. For a brand that focuses heavily on fit and quality, their pricing reflects their product. They also share this revolution with the not-for-profit, I Support the Girls, who work to support women in times of transition. In 2018, they donated $10M in bras.


Bras 30B - 48D (and so, so many in between and beyond, seriously check out their size chart); Lounge Bra XS - XL; Undies XS - 3X


Their bras range from $48 to $76 and their undies range from $12 to $30, you can often get bundle pricing as well.

Their site features a 60 day fit guarantee, free returns, and even a try before buying option, plus a rewards program and excellent customer service when it comes to finding your fit.

Did their crazy size range catch your attention? Shop ThirdLove here and save $15 on your first order.


The sister brand to American Eagle, Aerie is an intimates, apparel, active wear and swim collection designed to make every girl feed good. They focus on body positivity, don't do photo retouching on their models and preach empowerment.

If you're on a budget, but still looking for good quality bras and undies, give Aerie a try! Their products are almost always on sale and they also offer free shipping and returns on every order. They have an extensive size range on all their products, making them a great choice for any body!


Bras 30A - 40DDD; Bralettes XXS - XXL with D and DDD cups in select styles; Undies XXS - XXL


Their bras range from $12 to $38 and as we mentioned, are almost always discounted. Their undies range from $10 to $15 and they offer bundle pricing (select styles are 10 for $30!).

Aerie has a great community and feature REAL Role Models who vary in size, age and ethnicity. Follow them on social media for inspiring posts featuring body positivity.

Want to get in on their deals? Click here to shop Aerie and save 20% on your first order.

We love that each of these brands are all very size inclusive! So whether you're petite and small busted or curvy with a full chest, you can find bras and undies that fit you and make you feel great, too! They've each got very classic and minimal designs as well as lacy and ultra feminine styles; you're sure to find undergarments that are just right for you from one of these shops.

Of course, we asked our community to chime in! We got feedback that some of you already know and love shopping at ThirdLove and Aerie for bras, Yay! But here were some of your other top recommended places to shop for bras and undies:


GAP has an intimates and lounge wear collection called Love by Gap and it features, no frill, but comfortable and quality looking bras and panties for a reasonable price. Their size range overall covers 32A - 38DD in bras and XS - XL in panties but we found that many of the styles didn't offer the full size range.


Soma has a wide selection of styles to cater to every need from work, rest and play. They offer a generous size range in both bras (32A - 46G) and panties (XS -XXXL) and we've heard they offer great customer service and fit assistance in-store.


After taking a look at the Macy's website, we can see why this is a popular place to shop. They have style and size guides, great resources and even a quick quiz that leads to recommendations for you. If you like a lot of options, check Macy's out.

Motherhood Maternity

If you're pregnant or a new nursing mama, click over to Motherhood Maternity. We've also heard it's helpful to go in-store for a fit session and to shop online when you know the size and comfort you're looking for.

Do you have a favorite place to shop for bras and panties that we didn't share here? We'd love to know! Comment below and share it with the CoCapsules community.

This article is not sponsored, but does contain some affiliate links. We appreciate you coming to us for guidance on this topic!


While the bra pictured is not for sale in the CoShop, the other styles are. Click the images below to shop!


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