3 Quick Tips for Maintaining Productivity While Working From Home

If you, like many others, have just made the transition from commuting to the office every day to working from home and are feeling a little frazzled, here are a few quick tips for staying organized and productive (read: sane) each day of the work week! 

One: Create and Keep a Consistent Schedule

While this could look a little different for everyone, we recommend setting specific “working hours” and sticking to them Monday through Friday, or whatever your work days are. Be sure to schedule in coffee and lunch breaks throughout your day and utilize them to get some fresh air, walk the dog or do a 15 minute stretch. On that note, eat a real lunch and drink lots of water!

Keep your evenings and weekends open for household chores and fun stuff, like family games, movie night or a virtual brunch with the girls! Maintain a workout routine, if not for your health, then for your sanity -  schedule this in before or after working hours as well.

All in all, avoid housework and other non-work related activities (ahem… Netflix) that will distract you from the task at hand during scheduled working hours.

If you’d like a little help scheduling out your days, check out our Weekly Agenda Pads available in the CoShop!

Two: Have a Dedicated and Organized Workspace

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a house with spare rooms - create a designated workspace and keep it set up and organized, just as you would (or should) at the office. If you don’t have room available to leave your home office set up, have a specific spot to store your supplies during the off hours, like a cabinet or drawer. Always tidy up at the end of the day so you have a fresh start in the morning!

We can’t stress this one enough… avoid working from the couch or your bed if possible! This promotes lounging behavior and can make you feel a little lethargic and unmotivated to work. Remember, if a certain space isn’t working, adjust! It’s your home and you can work where you want to, even if that means rearranging your living room so you can fit a small desk by the window or opting to eat at the coffee table for a while if the dining table feels like the most inspiring spot for you to work during the day.

For ultimate productivity and inspiration, use candles, a plant, a sleek water bottle or pens and stationery that bring you joy to keep your desk/work area bright and cheerful.

Here’s how our spaces are set up, let’s see yours! Share a photo to your feed or story on Instagram and tag us @cocapsules so we can have a look and share it with our community!

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Three: Get Ready for Work Each Day

Whatever your “pre-isolation normal” was, try and stick as close to that as possible. Take a shower, get dressed, do your hair and makeup. Keeping this a part of your routine will help you feel like yourself and boost your mood and energy levels.

Create a simple, comfortable and practical work from home wardrobe that will not only make getting dressed enjoyable, but keep your closet and laundry under control as well.

Need some help curating your work from home capsule wardrobe? Check out this post: Work From Home Wardrobe Guide, where we walk you through building a mini capsule wardrobe and offer styling suggestions for things you already have in your closet!

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