It took me a while to discover this... but oh boy, when I did, it changed my life. I'm talking about my uniform. And I don't mean something I'm forced to wear for my career or a sports team on the regular, I mean the outfit combination I choose to wear on a nearly daily basis. It's what I'm most comfortable in and most importantly what I feel my best and most confident in. Okay, want to know what it is?

A white top and medium wash denim. That's it, people! This incredibly simple combination of two very classic and timeless styles is what I wear about 75% of the time. Now, I only recently really acknowledged and accepted this as my uniform but when I think back in my past and various stages of style, I can remember specific pieces and outfits that were my favorite and that I kept in my closet the longest. Guess what they were? Yep, white tops and medium wash (usually distressed) denim.

There was this specific pair of jeans that I think really molded my style that I bought in my early college days. They were AG from Anthropologie and I majorly splurged on them ($90ish on sale if I recall correctly - a huge investment as a college student!), but the fit was incredible for my body type and the quality was obviously better than anything I had ever owned. Sadly, I don't own them anymore... however, I think about them regularly and about just how good I truly felt wearing them. That is what style is all about, my friends. Your clothes should make you feel good, and if they don't, then why have 'em?

Of course, the way we wear clothes changes throughout the different chapters of our lives. Our comfort level of fits change with trends, our age, body image, and so many other factors. But I believe that everyone has a couple of core styles that they carry with them through it all and for me that is my white tops and jeans!

I discovered my uniform when I began staying home to raise my baby boy while beginning my own business (hello, CoCapsules!). During the process of building this brand and sharing our concept of living with more intention and less stuff, I realized I needed to make a lifestyle change myself, so I committed to a smaller and more curated wardrobe. At first this looked closer to a traditional capsule wardrobe, but I quickly realized that that formula isn't for everyone and it certainly wasn't right for me and my current chapter. I found myself trying hard to eliminate multiples, even ridding things I actually really liked, but the capsule formula suggested I didn't need. I was trying to make sure I had a variety of different styles that made all of these unique outfits when all along, what I needed was multiples of similar styles to mix and match into what I now call, my uniform. Guys, it's OKAY to have multiples of things you love and wear all the time!

As a WAHM (work at home mom), it's important that I get myself "ready" each day. I shower, do my hair and makeup, and get dressed most mornings and it is seriously so vital to my productivity. Having my uniform makes this process so simple and incredibly enjoyable and knowing what I love allows me room to get creative on days when I'm feeling up to it. I can easily incorporate fun new trends and really elevate my look with little tweaks like adding statement jewelry or a bold shoe. Of course, I do wear other things and colors, but knowing I'll feel great in a white top and pair of jeans keeps me grounded and confident in my personal style.

So, what's your uniform? Do you know? Put some thought into your favorite pieces and think about your history with similar styles, this should give you a good idea!

All my best, 



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“Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.”

-Linda Breen Pierce, 1947