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hi there! we're currently working on updating our My CoCapsule Lifestyling Service to a CoCapsules Membership Program. thanks for your patience as we take this opportunity to improve our styling services and resources to better serve you and you wardrobe needs!

what you can expect...

we'll soon be offering a one year membership with perks including:

  • quarterly 1 hour one-on-one consultations with your stylist determining your wardrobe and styling needs
  • based on the initial consultation, you and your stylist will create a tailored program to best suit your lifestyle
  • exclusive access to our Lifestyling Services such as Closet Clean Outs, Closet Edits, Styling and Fit Sessions as well as custom resources
  • first dibs on new collections with personalized recommendations from your stylist

can't wait? no problem, send us a message and we can get started on your membership today!