Co Capsules

our story

our mission is to help simplify your lifestyle by providing quality products in a curated assortment. we’re offering a space to get advice, answer questions and collaborate.
— syd + jenn

The Vision

we’re offering capsule collections for each aspect of your life while maintaining a cohesive assortment over all - from your wardrobe to home decor.

our vision is to bring together a community of like-minded individuals who expect quality in all things, from friends to fashion. whether you are traveling the world or walking the city block back to your office, we want you to feel connected, confident, and coordinated no matter what this ever revolving world throws your way.

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We Are

hi! we're syd and jenn; a couple of twenty-somethings living in the pnw, working through our entry-level lives, looking to simplify our lifestyles while inspiring yours. 

jenn works full-time for a local retail and lifestyle company in their technical design department while co-creating CoCapsules on the side.

syd is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur; fulfilling her dreams to conquer the lifestyle industry one capsule collection at a time.