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when we discovered ABLE, it was love at first sight. naturally, we first noticed the brand through a tag on instagram and immediately knew their products would be a perfect fit in the CO-SHOP. after just a little digging, we realized that ABLE was so much more than pretty products so we contacted them and were put in touch with an awesome local sales rep. the rest is history and now, we are beyond excited and honored to be introducing a few of their products right here in the CoCapsules CO-SHOP!

watch the video below to get a quick introduction to ABLE and to preview our introductory pieces.




what first caught our eye about ABLE was their simple, yet fashionable, but also really well made products. what kept us interested was the mission of their company.

ABLE is a lifestyle brand specializing in leather goods, handmade jewelry, and apparel, but they're so much more than that. they are a community focused on empowering women who have faced extraordinary circumstances, from poverty to addiction, by offering them meaningful job opportunities. ABLE manufactures their goods in the communities they wish to impact, providing jobs vs. charity.

following is where ABLE's merchandise is produced: leather goods - ETHIOPIA, jewelry - UNITED STATES, shoes + apparel - PERU, leather goods + denim - MEXICO.

while we're still preparing our complete fall collection, you can pre-shop these select ABLE pieces or request a special order. 
as always, please contact us with any questions. we'd love to help you shop this beautiful assortment and capsulize your life!

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 a preview of a few more ABLE handbags coming to the CO-SHOP this fall.

a preview of a few more ABLE handbags coming to the CO-SHOP this fall.