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we're all about collaborations here at CoCapsules. why? because we want our community to get to know your community. the following businesses are owned and operated by real people who have inspired us or who we've been honored to inspire. take a look at what they have to offer and keep on scrolling if you'd like to collaborate with CoCapsules.



we've partnered with Emma Jane Designs to bring you a simply sweet collection of handcrafted jewelry for mother's day. click through to shop our selection.

my desis

our spring + summer capsule shoe is available for pre-order now! we are very excited to be working with My Desis to provide this thoughfully made shoe. click the My Desis link for more information on this collaboration! 


coming soon. while we excitedly work towards a beautiful partnership with Amanda of Raya Exchange, visit the website to learn more about their beautiful offering.

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interested in collaborating with cocapsules? we'd love to!

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