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Cocapsules 14

fourteen pieces for fourteen days. can you do it? #cocapsules14 is our capsule wardrobe challenge to introduce you, our community, to building a capsule wardrobe. read on to learn how to get started and how this challenge has already encouraged so many to live more simply with a closet full of only the things they love.


capsuling your life is a commitment and it takes time, so be patient and go easy on yourself. we're here to help you simplify the things in your life so you can start living a life you love (full of the things you love). our backgrounds are in fashion and retail, meaning we're comfortable with advising you in building a capsule wardrobe... everything else we know and share is coming straight from our experiences and from relationships we build through collaborations with people and brands who know what they're talking about!

CoCapsules 14 was started by Sydney and backed by fellow entrepreneur and blogger Tracy of

i know this from experience. i set out to start a capsule wardrobe almost a year ago and I'm not nearly there yet! I ketioning my progress, choices, etc. until recently when i discovered/created the system for me. i realized that it's really impractical to think i could clear my closet in one day - knowing that i feel differently about different pieces on different days. and i never liked the idea of limiting myself to a number for a long period of time. then i joined the 10x10 wardrobe challenge hosted by the ever inspiring bloggers stylebee and unfancy and i figured it out. while living in 10 pieces for 10 days had it's challenges (such as life with a toddler) i loved wearing the pieces i chose so much that i decided to build on them and create my own challenge... and then other people joined me! i'm now on my own journey of living 14 pieces and 14 days at a time to build the capsule wardrobe of my dreams. I can rotate things in and out, add new, eliminate old, all the while keeping my closet minimal and organized.

so join me for two weeks or until you figure out what works for you! let me know what you learn about yourself and your clothes. I'll give you a mini update every 14 days!

here are some challenges i faced in the first two weeks:

  • I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to sharing photos on instagram so i struggled with taking the perfect OOTD picure to fit into my feed. i really want to share my looks and inspire this community to join me, so i am going to keep practicing my selfie photography and find a way to share my outfits in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. 
  • there were 2 pieces in my 14 piece collection that i loved wearing all spring and summer, but i found that they did not work very well for layering up in the cooler temps! One of the pieces I removed during the challenge and replaced and the other I left in, but only wore once. these items got stored in my summer bin to bring out and add to my spring/summer capsule.
  • i had one top that i didn't even wear and this taught me that I don't need it in my closet, so it's being donated!

i loved learning these things and while it took two weeks to eliminate three things from my closet, i felt so good about the decisions i made and got to know the other 11 pieces so well. As i build up my next collection, i'm leaving my most loved and adding some new potentially challenging pieces in and i am so excited to see what i learn next!


here are some guidelines to get you started. and i am more than happy to offer more support if you need it!