Why You Should Book a Shopping Appointment

Get in loser – we’re going shopping!

Name that movie… it’s one of our faves! No, we don’t actually think you're a loser but we DO think you should book a Shopping Appointment with us and we’re gonna tell ya why.

We KNOW you’ve been having a tough time putting together a Capsule Wardrobe on your own. And we SEE YOU struggling to make sense of the styles you’ve been sent from trying out numerous box services. Burnt out on mall shopping? Same, girl. Same. Well guess what – we’re here to help. Enter: a Shopping Appointment at CoCapsules.

The details

Shopping Appointments are FREE to book and they get you:

  • quality one-on-one time with a professional stylist
  • are available in store OR virtually
  • AND get this - our schedule is super flexy; you can book your session on a weekday or weekend, in the morning, the evening or anytime in between

Reasons why you’re ready

Ok ok… the details are fun and all but let’s dive deeper into why you’re really ready to work with a personal stylist. Your clothes don’t FIT! And when we say “fit” we don’t just mean, they’re not the right size (is this the case for you?) we ALSO mean they don’t fit your current lifestyle.

Let’s explore that a bit further. Have you by chance, experienced any major milestones lately? Maybe you just:

  • got married
  • had a baby
  • started a new job
  • bought a house
  • moved to a new city
  • had a birthday

When life changes, it’s natural for our personal style to change too, but it can be hard to let go of clothing you’ve worn and loved in the past. We LOVE to help you celebrate these lifestyle transitions by encouraging you to level the heck up – dress for who you want to become, not who you’ve been!

What you can expect

During your Shopping Appointment you can expect us to challenge you. You’re coming to us because you’re ready for some real help and you’re going to get:

  • extremely honest feedback
  • pushed past your comfort zone
  • incredibly helpful insight on how to dress for how to want to feel
  • simple styling tips and tricks

We truly feel there is so much value jam packed into these one hour sessions but ya know what… don’t take it from us, read the reviews!!

The reviews are in

"I shopped with CoCapsules in store for a personal shopping appointment and was blown away by the attention and care I received! Not only did they contact me beforehand to ask about sizes and my style, but were able to quickly adapt while we were in store based on my tastes/sizes. Jenn was so helpful in finding me pieces that were comfortable, stylish, but also classic and can be used for many seasons and years to come. I was so grateful for her tips and tricks as someone who struggles with dressing stylish! I love all the pieces I bought - they've become my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and I feel great while wearing them. Price point is totally reasonable for the high quality of items you are getting! I will be back!"

-Elizabeth P

"CoCapsules is incredible! Jenn and Sydney are stylists so they can choose pieces for you and make you look and feel absolutely amazing. I am thin but curvy which is a strange combination to dress. Jenn picked out pieces for me that would fit my buns but also work with my small waist. She told me all about the brands that are going to work well for me and I wound up finding denim shorts that fit! I honestly haven't been able to wear denim shorts in 10 years because I've never found a pair that works for my body. If you are hesitant about shopping - or you LOVE shopping - go to CoCapsules! You're going to love it!"

-Marita W

(We can’t wait to read yours! I mean unless you have a terrible time - then, you totes don’t have to leave one, it’s fine.)

It’s time to book your shopping appointment

Friend, if you’ve read THIS FAR then it’s time to book a Shopping Appointment with us and it’s NO pressure. Whether you walk out with 2 or 12 new styles, it is our goal that you go home with a wealth of knowledge on YOUR personal style and some suggested next steps to take toward achieving your dream Capsule Wardrobe.

Alright well what are you waiting for??? BOOK NOW and receive 15% off your first purchase with CoCapsules.

We are always here to answer any questions and if you’re like… honey, I need more than one little shopping appointmentcheck out our Styling Membership!

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-Linda Breen Pierce, 1947