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Finding My Personal Style


this is something I have waited and waited to write about because I’ve honestly always worried that I was a fraud. I felt like, how can I help people find their style if I can’t even define my own? for awhile, I tried sooooo hard to define it with one of the typical words; “classic,” “preppy,” “edgy,” etc… but I just couldn’t find any one word that described me and what I liked to wear. so, I jokingly landed on style chameleon. I knew I frequently changed what I wore and literally my “style” was different from day to day. one day I would be all floral and frills, the next I’m all black everything topped off with leather boots and jacket. then some days, it’s a mix of both. after admittedly feeling a little defeated because I could not define my own style, I attempted to be “ok” with just not really having a personal style.


now this is going to seem like a tangent, but bear with me…

about three weeks ago, I started waking up earlier every morning and spending one hour getting to know and improve myself. I now spend a little time meditating, a little time visualizing, a little time reading, a little time exercising and a little time journaling. this process may sound familiar to anyone who has read the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving any area of their life). when I began doing this, I became re-motivated to find my personal style because I started feeling more confident in who I really am. I really do believe that our style is an outward reflection of how we are feeling internally, and a bit of our personality is going to show through consistently, while the way we put our outfits together might change based on our mood.


for me it is important to recognize that personal style doesn’t have to be defined but it can be refined. if you are interested in a minimal wardrobe I would say it is almost a necessity to know what you like and why.

so, throughout the past few transformative weeks, I have been inspired to take a look at refining my personal style and developing a system to consistently do so. if you are interested in refining your personal style, take a peek at the “how to” guide we created here. we combined the processes that each of us has used and it is a great place to start filling your life with only the things you love.


just know that we are with you in this journey and are rooting for you. as always, reach out if you want to know more or if we can help you with your own style refinement.