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Featuring: Graf Lantz


one of our goals here at CoCapsules is to offer the best products, by the best brands, at the best prices. and we can confidently say that Graf Lantz, one of our accessory lines, checks all of the most important boxes!


we're learning that finding such great brands with just the right products can be hard... and take a long, long, long time! but with a good amount of patience and staying very focused on our passion to provide the best of the best, it's possible. 

we came across Graf Lantz on our trip to LA in march. we were exhausted and a little frustrated after perusing showroom after showroom filled with thousands of small accessories and home goods that we did not need. what we were really on the hunt for was a sunglasses pouch, somewhat similar looking to what we promised would be in our CoCapsules travel starters, and at that point we were pretty sure what we were looking for just didn't exist since we'd already spent countless hours researching this very style of product on the internet. and then, in a moment of sheer surprise, we spotted the sunglasses pouch of our dreams... in a dark, closed showroom... of course.


we ooh'd and ahh'd through the window, admiring these beautifully crafted wool felt + leather bags and accessories, but we had no way of touching them or placing an order, because there was no one there! sad!

as soon as we returned back to Seattle, we reached out to the showroom and by fate, discovered there was a local rep located just minutes from our studio. a few short weeks later, we were holding the best sunglasses case, zipper pouch, and canvas tote right in our hands, ready to share with our community!


here's a little background on the brand, Graf Lantz...

Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz, while coming from distinctly different backgrounds and often holding contradictory points of view (learn more here), intersected in LA to create Graf Lantz;

"an unconventional lifestyle brand creating classic styles in merino wool felt and quality leather hides."

manufactured in their own factory right in LA, Graf Lantz bags, accessories, and household goods are made using only the highest of quality materials while maintaining honest production practices. as a company, they hold strong core values and believe in a progressive fair wage workplace. 

while we could talk about Graf Lantz and how excited we are to support this brand all day, we encourage you to visit their website,, to read more on this incredible company.