Co Capsules


Fall Sundresses

Sundresses are our best friends all spring and summer. We wear them for their effortless style and comfort. What most people don't realize is that you absolutely do not have to put them away as soon as you feel a slight chill in the air.

For most of us having a capsule wardrobe means swapping out items every season to make space and keep your minimalist wardrobe moving but I am here to tell you that it is ok to keep your favorite pieces and style them differently. The easiest way to do this is layers. Jackets, scarves, tights, and the ever forgotten under layered top.  


Take this dress (that I scored for $10 at a sample sale while living in LA), I love to wear it all year. A classic black and white simple leaf pattern, no sleeves, eased fit, and just a ruffle around the hem and it is so versatile! During warmer months I wear it by itself or belted.

During cooler months I throw on some tights, boots, and either a turtleneck underneath or a jacket over top and I am good to go. Due to wearing it year round I have gotten way more than my money's worth from this piece and many like it.