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My Key to Casual

If I'm being honest I am not a fashionista... but I do love Style.

Practicality will always win for me on an everyday basis. Most of the time I need to coordinate an outfit that I can stand in all day, be put together, and have it consist of items that I do not have to iron and dry clean. That is often a tall order.


The number one thing I consider when adding a casual, or what I like to call everyday, piece into my closet is FIT!

Fit will make or break just about any conscientious purchase. If it doesn't have a great fit you won't want to wear it. A white tee can be the most treasured item in your wardrobe or it can be a blah thing you throw on when you have nothing else clean. The difference can most often be boiled down to the fit and the feel of great fabrications. If you don't have those two things you are probably wasting your money in the first place.

A great fitting denim jacket can be used for years, the same can be said for black skinny pants. These pieces are items I wear year round, day in and day out. This is true for many different staples out there, a good white tee, classic leather sneakers, the perfect sleeveless sweater, and so many more. They work well together, and can be paired with almost anything. "Essentials" are named so for a reason. 

Once you find your style groove and are honest with yourself about what you actually wear, and why, it's so much fun to choose these items and really put versatility to the test.