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Good to Great Overalls

Not being wasteful is hard in general but extremely hard in the fashion industry. We all know that fast fashion is harmful to the environment, our wallets, and it is hard on my very limited closet space.


Every now and then I still fall victim to a trend that I don't wind up loving. In an attempt to rectify these mistakes I have taken to D.I.Y. alterations. Recently I did this with my favorite overalls. I love a good overall. When I found this Skies are Blue pair, that actually fit me, I was ecstatic. They are cute and comfortable. The only problem was that they had a flared crop leg... not usually my style.

I kept thinking about them and decided to go back and make the purchase. After wearing them about ten different times I realized I truly didn't like the silhouette. It's not for me, but you never know until you try. So what did I do? I could have taken them to Buffalo Exchange, or sold them online but I really loved the fit. I couldn't give them up. I also knew I wouldn't keep wearing them. 

So out comes my sewing machine, only ever used for small fixes and making pillows for my couch (another story). I decided to put my Product Development degree to work. I pinned the legs on my own body, very, very carefully took the overalls off, laid them flat and adjusted my pinning. With a few quick seams down the legs I had the shape I had originally wanted.


The bonus was feeling like I had a brand new pair of overalls that I will now transition into my fall capsule! If you don't have the tools at hand to make your vision happen finding a local tailor with good reviews is a great option to get exactly what you are looking for.


It's not always easy to D.I.Y. things, but with skills you may already have or by simply getting online and watching a tutorial its amazing what you can do yourself. In turn every time I wear my new overalls I feel a fun sense of accomplishment and a desire to take on the world.