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Trying a New Trend

I'm a sucker for quality denim, but I don't let my obsession break the bank! Many of my designer jeans are picked up at thrift shops (I always score at Buffalo Exchange in Ballard!). I usually stick to classic cuts and styles; however, this season I was tempted by a trend: step hem denim.

I've always been a fan of distressed denim so the raw hem on step hem jeans caught my eye. I was on the hunt to find myself a pair, but was really struggling. Each style I came across were either too pricey, too cropped, too dark, too light... just not quite right. And then it hit me! I could totally do it myself!

I had a pair of straight leg jeans by Madewell I thrifted a while back; the length was always a bit awkward but they were a great fit otherwise. So I grabbed my scissors and went to work. I cut each leg a couple inches straight across and then went up another half an inch on the front hem just inside each seam. Done! I had the step hem jeans of my dreams in under five minutes and it didn't cost me a dime to try out a trend that I might be tired of next season.