Co Capsules


One Long Weekend: Starting a Capsule Life

Every spring I like to take a trip in order to use up any extra vacation days. Last year my boyfriend and I had two destinations in mind and couldn't pick just one... so we decided to do both. Three days in Arizona for Spring Training and three days in Colorado for St. Patrick's day! I was bound and determined to pack everything I needed for staying cozy on the plane, cool in Sun City West, and collected in Denver, all into my carry on. 


The ease of knowing all of my pieces can be mixed and matched was so great that I decided I wanted to do the whole "Capsule wardrobe thing"all of the time. While researching how to curate my wardrobe, and then other areas of my life, it hit me that it is not an easy process and there is no one place for finding quality pieces at an affordable price, let alone style tips or how to make that transition.I reached out to Sydney, who had been starting her own journey into minimalism and an idea was born. Now we are here to provide advice, support, and quality pieces to Co-capsule with all of you! 

I would rather own a little and see the world than own the world and see a little
— Alexander Sattler