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Travel Tips from an Expert

Hi, I’m Amanda, a new voice here at Co-Capsules. I’ve joined Sydney and Jennifer to collaborate on my two loves, home decor and travel.  Today I’m taking on the latter of the two and sharing some of my must have travel essentials. Travel itself is the ultimate capsule.  You pack a bag (or maybe two) and those items are all you have to work with on your trip. I'm an avid carry-on only traveler, so the stakes are even higher with my one and only, mini roller bag.  But no matter how tiny my bag, I’ve found a couple of items that help me stay happy and organized on my trips. 


1. travel cubes

As an obsessive organizer, packing cubes are a lifesaver.  They prevent my hotel room from looking like a whirlwind just ravaged my suitcase.  I keep my tops and bottoms in separate cubes, then have a smaller one for under garments and bathing suits. 

2. a lightweight wrap

Another go to item for me is a pashmina or scarf.  I use it as a blanket on the flight, bathing suit coverup at the beach and a scarf for colder destinations.  I’ve taken to using the Troso Throw from my own line, Raya Exchange.  The lightweight material makes it easy to wear draped on my shoulders through the airport and gives a little pop of color to my head-to-toe-black travel uniform.


4. long haul flight necessities

For long haul flights, I always keep Pacifica’s deodorant wipes and a toothbrush kit handy.  There’s nothing worse than getting off of a red eye and realizing you can’t check into your hotel room for hours, so being able to quickly freshen up is a lifesaver.  Another must have for overnight flights is an eye mask, paired with some light jazz I can create my perfect nap inducing scenario.  

We all know that holiday travel is the most stressful of all, so hopefully these tips and tricks can help you arrive at your destination feeling fresh, organized and ready for all those holiday photos.

Happy travels!



3. beauty products

Makeup is one area that can easily get out of hand, because let’s face it, we all want to look great in our vacation photos.  Finding good multi-functional makeup helps me look fresh without packing the entire Sephora counter of products. ELF cosmetics has affordable options like this liquid foundation with built in sunscreen and double wand concealer-highlighter combo.   If you’re trying to lighten your liquids bag, Maybelline’s Fit Me! line has a foundation stick that I use as as both foundation and concealer.  For color I picked up this 2-in-1 multibalm from Pixi by Petra, it comes in five shades and can be worn on cheeks and lips.

Facial cleanser and makeup remover are two more things that would definitely overcrowd my liquids bag, so packing them in a non-liquid form is key. With labels in a foreign language and some countries having much more lax rules about chemicals and beauty products, I like make sure to stock up on brands that I know and trust.

More on Amanda and her home decor line, Raya Exchange, coming to our co-llaborations page soon! Stay tuned.