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10 Pieces for 10 Days : A Mini Capsule Wardrobe Project


Over the past year, I've worked through my wardrobe in various ways and I am still on the path to living a capsule-based lifestyle. What I mean by 'capsule-based lifestyle' is living a life full of only the things I truly love, and while I've been able to narrow down household items I've struggled with my wardrobe because, well, I really love clothes. I've always had an abundance, I consider shopping my hobby, and I haven't been able to get myself down to a true Capsule Wardrobe. Before participating in the 10x10 challenge, I sort of brushed this off... thinking, I'll get there some day and in the meantime, I'll enjoy all the clothes I have. But the truth is, I don't enjoy all the clothes I have and this became very apparent over the last 10 days.

The 10x10 challenge is a mini-capsule wardrobe challenge shared on Instagram and hosted by two wonderful bloggers that have inspired me over the last year or so, Caroline of Unfancy and Lee of Style Bee. The guidelines encourage you to select 10 pieces from your wardrobe including shoes, but excluding undergarments, workout wear, and lounge clothes (thank goodness, because those lounge clothes saved my life) and style them into 10 different outfits for 10 days.

Here's a review of my 10 looks:

It was exhilarating! I think what kept me going was the fact that I took pictures of all my outfits on day one so that I could have images to share throughout knowing that if I didn't take pictures in advance, I wouldn't make time throughout the days and I would fall off the wagon. That's generally how I roll if I'm being honest. I did it though! I stayed on track (if you don't count my sick leave 5 days in) and I didn't have a single reservation about getting dressed with only those 10 pieces to choose from; I didn't even miss my unreasonable amount of other clothes. Perhaps the best part was that it kept my closet organized and forced me to stay on top of laundry (I think on average, everything got washed after a single wear due to life with an 11 month old boy).


With that said, I'm inspired to push through and turn this challenge into a lifestyle. I loved getting dressed in those 10 pieces so much that I didn't want the 10 days to end. So starting today, I'm moving forward with my next challenge, a piggy-back if you will, to the 10x10. I retired one piece, added six new garments to my mix, plus eliminated shoes from the count for a 14x14 challenge. I'll be sharing my outfits on Instagram using #cocapsules14 and if you're interested in testing out a Capsule Wardrobe, I strongly encourage you to join me! My new friend Tracy of Intentional-Mom is trying this out with me, too, so follow along as we breakdown our closets and work towards a wardrobe full of only the things we love to wear.