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The CoCapsules Holiday Gift Guide : 2018

when we’re thinking about gift for others, we keep in mind the things they already have as well as what they like to do. do they drink wine? do they live in a house or an apartment? is their style simple, elaborate, or eclectic? and sometimes…

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SEA>SFO>LAX and Back Again

i was/am overly ambitious in what i thought could be accomplished on my trip and what i would need to i take less than half of that for a five day trip to two different cities and am learning to utilize whatever is… 

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Community Over Competition : DesiHangover

DesiHangover is the India-based parent company of MyDesis, the brand of our spring + summer capsule shoe. We've had a couple of meetings with Abha, one of the founders of Desi Hangover, and have gotten to know her and the brand quite well over the last few months…

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